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The Rambler Heritage in Automobile Advertising:
The Golden Age 1920-1933

1920 Hudson
Super Six Racing Ad-
"Hudson Proves It"

1920 La Fayette Ad-
"Expert Engineering Proficiency"

1920 Willys-Knight Ad-
"Improvement with Use"
1921 Essex Ad-
"...It Does Not Grow Old"
1922 La Fayette Ad-
"...Done Exceedingly Well"

1926 Hudson Coach Ad-
"World's Greatest Buy"

1926 Essex Coach Ad-
"World's Greatest Values"

1926 Nash Advanced Six Ad-
"...Brilliantly Distinctive..."

1926 Nash Enclosed Car Ad-
"25% More Power"

1926 Willys Overland Ad-
"20 Weeks for $95,000 in Motor Cars"

1926 Willys Overland Ad-
"The Handwriting On The Wall"

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