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Magazine Articles about the The Rambler Heritage


"A Family in Kenosha"-
early Rambler history-

2nd Quarter 1978
Automobile Quarterly

"1955 Nash Ambassador Pinin Farina Speciale"-
Collectible Automobile Magazine
June 1995
"How the Pros compete
with Javelins, AMXs"-
January 1969
Car Life Magazine


"AMC Invades Germany"-
1979 Nurburgring
24 hours class win-
February 2006
Muscle Machines


"Welterweights Fight Harder"
Little American Motors could take on the world and win.
June 2005 Hemmings Muscle Machines

"Yankee Doodle Dandies"
September 1967
Motor Trend


February 1963
Motor Trend
Car of the Year-

 Route 66 Rambler